Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWIT AWARDS all about?

AWIT AWARDS is the longest-running award-giving body who gives recognition to local musical talents organized by the PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF THE RECORD INDUSTRY. AWIT AWARDS was designed in accordance with the PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF THE RECORD INDUSTRY objective --to develop and progress local recording potentials to world-class talents.


Can anybody join or submit entries for AWIT AWARDS?

No. Nominations or Entries to AWIT AWARDS must be made or submitted by any record company or producer who are either PARI members, or companies who would've have any business partnerships with any PARI member companies. A list of accredited member companies are posted at the PARI website: A business partnership may include but not limited to licensing, marketing, or distribution of end-products.


How does one become a PARI member?

Any company locally registered as a business entity, who are in the business of producing sound recordings can apply for membership. A detailed list of required documents can found at the PARI website: A one-time membership fee of PHP 5,000.00, and a monthly dues of PHP 1,000 is required as ASSOCIATE MEMBER of PARI, an entry level membership of PARI.


What are advantages one get as PARI member?

a. The use of the PARI logo in any one of their products. Most retail outlet will refer to the logo for legitimacy or credibility of the products and the company.
b. The opportunity to have entries in AWIT AWARDS.
c. To have the opportunity for internationally networked with PARI affiliates internationally, in marketing your musical works.


How are the AWIT AWARDS entries screened or judged?

There are two screening process that happens every year scheduled six (6) months prior to any awarding ceremonies: The elimination round screening, wherein all entries are screened and scored according to committee rating requirements. Only five (5) of the highest scoring entries will be considered into the finals. The final round screening in turn will go through another screening process and will choose only one (1), the highest scoring entry for every five (5) per category. There are 30 categories that can be won in AWIT AWARDS this year.


How credible is the AWIT AWARDS screening process?

AWIT AWARDS boasts one of the most credible screening process in the industry. All information on songs, artists, literatures, production, recording information, videos, and the likes are uploaded in computers. A well-chosen judge sits in the computer will find all information about the song/ artist he is judging a click away. A full-stereo sound is available through a digital headset. He may choose to work according to the phase he wants. A scoring module awaits his figures, and instantly tabulates the scores which will be authenticated by the official auditors-Joaquin Cunanan & Co.

An average of eight (8) judges is assigned to work on one (1) category. This way, the probability of a biased scoring are significantly reduced.


Who are the judges invited for AWIT AWARDS screening sessions?

The judges or AWIT MUSICAL EXPERTS as they are termed, come from most professions that are in some ways more than one involved with the music industry. A judges' personality must somehow match or reflect the categories he may have to screen. The bigger percentage are those from the radio stations, entertainment journalists or music magazines, television entertainment personalities, composers, performers, brand or marketing professionals, or musicians.

In the technical categories, we choose highly qualified sound, vocal, music engineers and seasoned studio people. Audio, visual, TVC producers, movie directors, media people complete the screeners for video or design related categories. These are held at state-of-the- art high standard digital theatres, with upscale speakers for better audio and video performance during the screening process.